13 foods that reduce testosterone production


13 products that reduce testosterone production – Fitness Trainer

1) Alcohol.

The testosterone pellets dosage higher the blood alcohol content, the lower the level of testosterone. One of the most harmful drinks order 217 kopa durabol pa natet female hormone specialist near me for men is beer. It contains phytoestrogens – female sex hormones. “Beer Belly” is the first sign of female obesity.

2) Tobacco.

Smoking leads to a narrowing of blood vessels, and this is fraught with a decrease in blood supply why is my testosterone so low to the genitals.

3) Smoked products.

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Smoke fluid yohimbine testosterone causes toxic damage to testicular tissue – the glands, which produce 95% of testosterone in the body. The most safe is hot smoking, because the testosterone supplement benefits time of exposure to smoke on the product is minimal.

4) Carbonated drinks.

High sugar and caffeine levels can lead to dehydration.

5) Fat milk.

Especially natural nandrobolin drugs. It contains natural cow estrogen. Milk in large quantities testosterone enhancement is beneficial for children and women.

reduce testosterone production

6) Bakery products.

Acids, yeast and sugar testosterone injections vs androgel reduce the level of “male hormone”. The exception is rye bread or bran bread, in these varieties of bread contains vitamin B, necessary for a stable erection.

7) Fast food.

Such nutrition adversely affects not testosterone injection cost only digestion, but also hormonal what do t3 max 100 levels.

8) Vegetable oil.

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A measure is needed in everything. Avoid excessive consumption of vegetable testosterone doctors oils – no more than 5 tablespoons per day. Olive, nut and sesame seeds increase testosterone, but corn and flaxseed, on the contrary, reduce it.

9) Soy, bean.

They include plant analogues of female mega men testosterone sex hormones – phytoestrogens. In small quantities, soy is harmless, because contains complete protein. But as a complete replacement of meat for a man is not suitable, the production of male testosterone therapy injections sex hormones is inhibited.

10) Products prescription testosterone strength training why and how to do training drugs injections with high cholesterol.

The main source of cholesterol – animal fat – fatty meat. Cholesterol itself is not harmful. Cholesterol is necessary, as it is the main component in the synthesis of testosterone. Its excess is harmful.

11) Caffeine, instant coffee.

Caffeine destroys free testosterone in the body. The allowable best testosterone enhancer dose is 1 cup of good natural coffee per does watching porn increase testosterone day.

12) Sugar.

It provokes the production of insulin, which stops the production of testosterone.

testosterone production

13) Salt.

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Excess salt in the body can lead to an increased sodium content, which reduces the production of testosterone.

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